EF Education First – Drapac p/b Cannondale takeaways from the 101st Giro d’Italia

    For 21 days, we chased stage wins from Jerusalem to Rome. While we may not have come away with the desired results, we are so proud of the way our Giro d’Italia team raced each and every single day. They filled us with pride and motivation and inspiration as they attacked and chased and found their way into breakaways, and never, ever gave up.

    In keeping with #PinkArgyle Grand Tour tradition, we asked our seven finishers to tell us what they’ll takeaway from the 101st edition of the Giro d’Italia.

    DS Juanma Garate

    “I will remember this Giro as one of the hardest Grand Tours. It wasn’t only because of the parcours but because of the long transfers, which meant less rest for the riders, and the speed. The fact that Yates had the jersey and was chasing stages and seconds, it made no chance for the breakaway and the bunch never went easy. By the end, everyone except for maybe 10-15 riders, were on their hands and knees.”

    Mike Woods

    “Post stage 19. I was on top of the climb, coughing. Like you’re super tired from everything. Sensory overload because you’ve been assaulted with noise, horns. The finishes on these sort of stages, they’re insane. There’s so many people. It’s a cacophony of sound, emotions. They had us all sitting in the tent. Yates is getting a hug like he’s lost a loved one. Ben King is coughing up a lung. And then all of a sudden, I’m on a gondola and shut the door, and it was completely quiet. I was beside Dayer Quintana, and I looked at him and all I could say was ‘loco’ and he said ‘si’. And we rode down the gondola in complete silence. It was like being in the eye of the storm.”

    Nate Brown

    “My takeaway is how tired I am right now. I have never been this tired in my entire life.”

    Sacha Modolo

    “I’ll remember that this was a strange Giro this year. We went fast every single day. The breaks never went to the finish. The climbs were so hard. Never for a moment could we rest.”

    Mitch Docker

    “We all know that the Giro is not over until the Giro is over, but wow that proved very much true these last couple days. It was good, good, good and then…I might not finish this race. I was comfortable enough until the end of last week. Stages 19, 20. They almost killed me.”

    Hugh Carthy

    “This was a race of an extremes. It was relentless both on and off the bike.”

    Joe Dombrowski

    “You know, I was already thinking about this. They always ask about the best moment and the worst moment at the end of the a Grand Tour, and I have nothing. This race has done me in.

    “It was interesting, the dynamic of the race. We raced really hard every single day. There wasn’t much chance for a breakaway. There was a lot of attacking at the starts. The dynamic is one I haven’t really seen in a Grand Tour before.”

    Tom Van Asbroeck

    “What was the question again?”

    [Yes, they’re really that tired]

    “I’ve done some climbing before, but this climbing here, this was just out of the ordinary. The climbs – there were so many climbs, so steep, so long. It was too much for me.

    “If you want more, listen to my podcast with Mitch.”

    DS Fabrizio Guidi

    “We didn’t win. But at least we were there. We fought until the very end.”