Diego Camargo joins EF Pro Cycling

2021 will see another young up and coming Colombian talent step into the World Tour

For the millions of people across the world who ride their bike, the experience of riding on two wheels holds its own personal meaning. For Diego Camargo, the young and upcoming Colombian talent, it’s not just about living his passion. Cycling is also a way of helping his parents, Segundo and Blanca, live a better life.  


When local club trainers witnessed Diego’s talent at a young age, they impressed upon him that his vocation in life was to race. His love for riding quickly turned into a passion for racing. Turning up at the Vuelta de Tuta in 2015, Camargo touted a steel bike against a field of well-trained guys, on bikes superior to his – he beat them all by a minute. Fast-forward five years and he’s just taken his biggest wins at the Vuelta a la Juventud and the Vuelta a Colombia.


A latecomer to cycling, in the grand scheme of many professionals, the 22 year old had to learn the hardship of bike racing, overcome some serious crashes and how to master the art of descending. It’s this focus and motivation to keep going, along with raw talent, that caught the eye of EF Pro Cycling team CEO, Jonathan Vaughters. 


“He’s one of very few riders ever to win the Vuelta Juventud and Vuelta Colombia in the same year. And one of a very small group of riders who have won the Vuelta Colombia as a u23. Carapaz and Henao being two others,” team CEO, Jonathan Vaughters says. “This speaks to his talent. I think his relatively late start in cycling and his very humble beginnings will work in his favor and eventually reveal a champion of the highest caliber in cycling.”

Like many of his Colombian predecessors, he’s set to make the voyage over to Europe in 2021, where he’ll learn the craft of racing and become a part of the World Tour race scene.      


Here’s what Diego had to say…


Why do you love to race your bike?

I’m a young and passionate bike rider and am so happy to be here in the world of cycling reaching towards achieving my goals and getting better every day. For me, it’s a way to help my family and also hopefully be a great example for children coming into the sport.  


Where is your favourite place to ride your bike?

My favourite place to ride is around where I live, in Tuta, Boyacá. The people are really friendly and I think it’s down to the type of terrain we live on. But, I dream of Europe, although it’s a place I’m not familiar with, I’ve heard great things about it and I think it’s going to be great for me to be there. 


What made you want to join EF Pro Cycling? Why did you choose this team?

I chose to come to EF because it seems like a really great squad, and I can see how a team like this will be able to help me grow as a person and as a cyclist, and achieve my cycling dreams. 


What type of cyclist are you? 

I’m a well-rounded cyclist and can perform well on all terrains, but primarily I’m a climber. 


What are you hoping for in 2021?

In 2021, I want to help contribute to the team and give 100%, whilst also gaining a lot of experience, by adapting to the racing and little by little preparing my body to hopefully win some races.