An ode to our Tour de France staff

It takes a village.


Out in the parking lot before sunrise, the soigneurs make up a hundred bottles up for the day ahead. They vacuum the cars and gas them up. They make sandwiches for each staff member and grab the luggage from the hallways.


Biso, our bus driver taps the route into his Garmin and charts a course through the French countryside, cities and small towns. He’s always on time.


Every night, our directors put together the daily planning, an hour-by hour accounting of who’s doing what where. The details matter at every race, most notably at the Tour. Once the race begins they go from staff logistics to calling shots in the radios, threading the needle between riders and cars. Fast.


The mechanics. Always the last to dinner. They rebuild bikes each night. Change components, clean hubs. They prep bikes three days out for a given stage. Once the race is on they cram into the back seat to be next to the tools and spare wheels, and they keep watch for hours and days on end.


Our doctors and chiropractors keep the boys well. But they do double duty, and hit the course with bottles to do extra bottles in the mountains, or drive cars on transfers or to the finish.


There were nearly 20 of us here every day and another 10 people behind the scenes at home, making the race behind the race. This is our nod to the #PinkArgyle Tour staff.