Alex Howes on the land down under

    In his latest piece for CyclingTips, Alex Howes discusses roadside koalas, the importance of sunscreen, and the team’s Tour Down Under lineup.

    At Tour Down Under the racing is fast and hard and scary — like 160 teenage boys on motorcycles sort of scary. Every winter we all head home and do our absolute best to forget about bike racing. We buy Christmas presents for our grandmothers and coddle babies, and look at the stock market and do our best to be normal boring people that don’t risk their lives on a day-to-day basis.

    And while we do all that normal boring safe stuff, we train our asses off. We pump iron and send our testosterone levels through the roof. (Call me a skinny twig man all you want and put your sunglasses on when I take off my shirt off at the beach, but a 125kg deadlift is still a 125kg dead lift.)

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