A Tuscan Delight

Blue skies and dusty roads for Strade Bianche recon

The saying goes: ‘Red sky at night is a shepherds delight’, and with the sunset that Tuscany treated us to last night, we suspected recon day was set to be a good weather one. It did not disappoint! Sunbeams bounced off the famous white gravel roads as clouds of dust rose.


Last year  snow storms plagued the region the week prior to Strade Bianche and on race day, the roads were reduced to paste. It looks like this year’s race will see the return of dust clouds shrouding the peloton. Varying weather conditions favor different styles of riders.


“I definitely think that the worse conditions favor the climbers. So I think that last year we saw a lot more climbers in the front fighting for the win. I think this year, and like many previous years in the dry, we’ll see the course favors more the Classics, punchier riders,” Simon Clarke, co-leader for Saturday, speculates.


Predictions aside, when it comes to the final gallop winding up the eye-watering ascents of the streets of Siena into Piazza del Campo, the atmosphere will be electric. An eruption of noise willing riders to the finish line, faces bearing the mark of Tuscany’s famous white roads. To say we’re excited is an understatement!